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Hãng rượu Nihon Sakari

Hãng rượu Nihon Sakari
Hãng rượu Nihon Sakari là hãng rượu lớn tại Nhật Bản, Công ty hoạt động đa ngành trong đó sản phẩm chủ lực là các sản phẩm rượu sake và đồ uống, bên cạnh đó là mỹ phẩm.

Giới thiệu

As a pledge to commemorate our 120th year since inception, we at Nihonsakari have released a new official slogan: “Even more delicious, even more beautiful.” This slogan is a promise from Nihonsakari to you, the customer, through the products and services we offer like sake and cosmetics. It’s our promise to deliver that special kind of happiness that comes from enjoying delicious flavors. It’s our promise to answer your dreams to stay beautiful and healthy. At Nihonsakari, we pledge to continue pursuing “more,” to take on the challenge of providing “more.”

Sake brewing / To a more delicious every day.

Sake that pleases the body and soul, made from tradition and innovation.
We constantly strive to deliver a new age of deliciousness — A new type of sake brewing that blends the tradition and skill of the Tamba-Toji (master sake brewers) together with the latest in brewing technology, and safe and high quality products centering around trustworthy ingredients supplied by the rich natural bounty of Japan. We search out the different strengths each natural ingredient possesses and supply products that good for your body. At Nihonsakari, we spare no effort to bring you “more.”

Cosmetics and health food / To a more beautiful tomorrow.

We harness the power of nature and natural yeast to bring you a better, more beautiful tomorrow.
The backbone of Nihonsakari is sake brewing. However, in order to respond to the changes of the times and the diversification of needs, we have branched out from that central core to a variety of fields. The fields of natural cosmetics and health food products have grown from their beginnings in the diverse compilation of natural ingredients we have attained through our sake brewing business and the technique and knowhow that has been cultivated through the annals of sake brewing history.

Food culture / To a more delightful day.

Bringing smiles to customers. Providing great times and fun environments.
For example, we supply spaces where you can enjoy sake and delicious food. We supply information like guidance on how to get the most pleasurable sake drinking experience, recipes that go well with sake, and information to help you live in beauty and health. It’s customer service that doesn’t end when the products are ready for sale. The themes and challenges we at Nihonsakari take on are ever growing, ever expanding.

Bề dày lịch sử:

1893 Company name was changed to NISHINOMIYA KIGYO CO., LTD.
1896 Company name was changed to NISHINOMIYA SHUZO CO., LTD
1897 The brand name “Nihonsakari” was assigned and registered.
Sake under the brand name “Nihonsakari” and “Sohana” was shipped out for the first time.
1913 Became the maker of the royal warrant sake Sohana.
1915 Nihonsakari sake had the honor of being used for the coronation of Emperor Taisho.
1928 Nihonsakari sake had the honor of being used for the coronation of Emperor Showa.
1950 Established Tokyo Satellite Office (current Tokyo Branch).
1953 Opened the sake shop “Shubo Nihonsakari” in Tokyo Station Meitengai (street of well-known stores).
1955 Became the first major Nada area company to release second grade sake (at the time).
1961 First television commercial “Nihonsakari is good sake” began broadcasting.
Established Honkura Sanban (Third Main Sake Warehouse, currently “Kitakura”).
1964 Established Honkura Nanaban (Seventh Main Sake Warehouse, currently “Honkura”).
1967 Established a storage warehouse (Storage Warehouse No. 1).
1968 Established a bottling factory (current Factory No. 2).
Established Nagoya Office (current Nagoya Branch).
1969 Installed year-round brewery facilities in the current Honkura.
1970 Established Kyushu Office (current Fukuoka Office).
Established Sapporo Office.
1972 Installed Burroughs B2500 computers.
1974 Established a bottling factory (current Factory No. 1).
1975 Installed thirty six 1000 goku (approx. 180,000 liters) outdoor tanks.
1978 Established Sendai Office (current Sendai Branch).
1980 Released new industry-first product: refined sake in PET containers.
1983 Released new product: sake in paper containers “Banshaku.”
1984 Released new product: genuine shochu “Hanagori.”
1987 Released facial wash “Komenuka Bijin (Rice Bran Beauty).”
Established a comprehensive distribution center.
1988 Established Shizuoka Branch.
1989 Celebrated 100 year anniversary.
1992 Built Tokyo branch building: Shinkawa NS Building.
1994 Built Nagoya branch building: Nagoya NS Building.
1995 Various headquarter facilities damaged in Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
Released high-class “Kenjo” sake.
1997 Built Fukuoka branch building: Fukuoka NS Building.
1999 Released “720 ml Tokubetsu Honjozo Yamada Nishiki.”
Established subsidiary N.S.E. Co., Ltd. (currently NSE Co., Ltd.)
2000 Acquired ISO14001 certification.
Company name was changed to NIHONSAKARI CO., LTD.
Opened “Sakagura Dori Rengakan.”
2002 Opened NSE Call Center as an order center for Komenuka Bijin (Rice Bran Beauty) product mail order sales.
2004 Opened the café restaurant “över gården.”
2005 Acquired Privacy Mark certification.
2009 Set “Even more delicious, even more beautiful,” as brand message.
Released industry first 300 ml cup product.
2010 “720 ml Tokubetsu Honjozo Yamada Nishiki” certified as a Hyogo Prefecture Certified Food Product.
Sakagura Dori Rengakan celebrated 10 year anniversary.

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